Tom Sawyer

Tom goes, no answer
And aunt Polly is cleaning her glasses
Whitewash that old fence
A friend fooled by your trick for an apple
You won, two Bibles
Without knowing the name of Disciples
You suffer from a fake disease
But feel real pain when they pull your teeth
Today you won’t be late for school
Unless you meet someone cool

Huckleberry Finn ( X 3 )

Tom knows what happened
The wrong man has been jailed for stabbing
Put down your weakness
Don’t be afraid when they call you for witness
You cross the river with a row
How does it feel to be outlaw ?
How dare they sudden claim you dead,
Not finding in your bed ?

Mississippi boat ( X 3 )

This dark cave takes nowhere
So scary is stepping over
It starts freezing, you tremble
How long can last a candle ?
Will ever they find us ?
But you know that Becky is always with you

Trivia: The dialogue at the beginning  of the song is taken from one of the ealiest film transposition of Twain’s novel, “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” of 1938 directed by Norman Taurog. Among all the motion pictures based on the book, I choose this one because it’s probably the most widely known. The excerpt is the well know “cave scene”: after moving away from the other children, Tom and Becky feel a rush of blood in their veins realizing they got lost (”Oh, why did we ever leave the others !”).  You can watch the entire scene on YouTube. Reproduction rights are owned by United Artists, an MGM company.

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