On February the 16th (it’s a Saturday) at 17:00 will took place a presentation of the book “Circo Barnard” written by myself (Paolo Tassotti) and edited by Aletti Editore.
The location is the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina in the Laurentina Room.
The event is open to everyone.
Write to info@paolotassotti.it for more information.

I’ve just signed a contract with Aletti Editore for my debut book that will be entitled “Circo Barnard” as the omonimous short novel.
Due to lack of space, only a selection of my novels will be published: Circo Barnard, Alieni blasfemi, Ragazzi-bomba, Metronomica, Metronomica - La rivolta dei Mangianastri, Io voto Mathers e La città dei […]

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